Building brands is a labour of love – and we love what we do. We are Cornell – a team of thinkers, designers and collaborators.

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Data and analytics

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Project Finance Branding

Dirty Sixth

Pub group branding

We believe in the power of ideas. Ideas that reflect a simple strategy. Ideas that can amplify stories.
Ideas that are crafted beautifully in both appearance and thought.


Digital Identity branding 

Maverick Brew Co.

Brewery branding

Coverwood Lakes

Country Estate branding

At Cornell we make branding less about minefields and battlefields and more about playingfields – easy, enjoyable process, and cornfields – better return on your investment.


Face Mask branding 

Big Ideas Machine

PR Agency branding

To us Branding is not just about making you different and helping you to stand out, it’s about making you relevant to your audience, their needs and ultimately earning their trust.

Archived projects

Out of sight, but not out of mind

If you are feeling frustrated or confused about your brand and want to make it do more, mean more and make more, then drop us a line for a chat.

+44 7528 526 681 

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